Risk and Compliance Operative

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Risk and Compliance Operative

Job description

Ramp is a venture-backed startup addressing the pain point of millions of current and future blockchain users - getting into crypto. We leverage the power of existing banking and payment systems to provide seamless experience for crypto onboarding focusing on UX, speed and security.

We are 100% focused on building Ramp, a way for people to easily get onboarded to dApps and crypto applications. We strongly believe in a future where everyone can exchange value as easily and efficiently as using the Internet, and we are making this future happen. If you want to know more about our mission and vision, go here: Join Ramp ­čÜÇ.

You will be working hand in hand with best Makers in industry on the cross-section of fintech and blockchain. We build on a global scale, by empowering novel and breathtaking products. Focus and excellence is a must.

Your daily work will consist of tasks like:

  • Monitoring transactions and ensuring that AML requirements are met
  • Monitoring and identifying fraud risk, high-risk clients,┬áand suspicious financial activities
  • Conducting risk and compliance assessment, identifying trends
  • Conducting KYC checks in selected cases (retail and corpo)
  • Responding to chargeback disputes and law enforcement requests
  • Documenting fraud cases and preparing┬árisk analysis reports
  • Providing the best customer experience and establishing a strong relationship and trust with our users
  • Acting as second line support and responding to user queries via live chat in a swift and pragmatic way
  • Following up with users to ensure their issues are resolved
  • Gathering user feedback and sharing it with the team to ensure the excellence of our service.

What we offer:

­čĆŁ┬á Paid time off when you need it

­čôÜ┬áOpportunity to gain valuable experience in fin-tech startup

­čî×┬áEnergetic and very welcoming environment

­čĆá┬á┬áNice office in the city center
Ôťł´ŞĆ┬á Remote work option


You'd be our ideal candidate if:

  • you have at least 2 years of proven┬áexperience in compliance and/or operational risk management role
  • you are a native (or near-native/proficient) English speaker
  • you are familiar with various blockchains and ideally with fintech and payment industries
  • you have strong fraud prevention and┬áanalytical skills┬á
  • you have┬ástrong Excel knowledge to prepare and analyze data sets
  • you are self-starter, an efficient problem-solver and a multitasker
  • you are patient when handling tough cases
  • you are ready to work in shifts.

Bonus points for you if you are:

­čîč┬áexperienced in Customer Support Agent or a similar role,

­čîč familiar with information technology or basic programming,

­čîč experienced in transaction monitoring and AML practices

­čîč familiar with process mapping/description and/or┬áconversion of practices into formal┬áprocedures

­čîč experienced in preparing presentations in PowerPoint

­čîč┬áproficient in French, Spanish, German, Russian language;

­čîč┬áwilling to work different shifts.