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Nobody made that happen before. If you're looking for revolutionary, it's the right address

Ramp is making crypto not just powerful, but also delightful to use and accessible. Our technology is used by people all across the world using world leading crypto-powered applications. 

Ramp is venture funded and growing really fast. Our team is spread across London, Warsaw and Wrocław. Come join the weirdest assortment of partying devs, tech-savvy lawyers and caring entrepreneurs you'll ever meet. All on a mission to make crypto useful and delightful. Come join us 👋 

Why Ramp?

fun challenges

This is not another mobile app, nor Wheel Reinvention Committee. Join us in doing stuff that matters and solve actual, real-life problems. It's hard, it's challenging and so damn worth-it.

transparency & influence

You will be a part of the family - and there shouldn't be any secrets in the family. Our runway and future plans are open to everyone on the team. You'll not be alienated from the decision making process, nothing will be hidden from you.


We praise hard work and we think success is a joint achievement - so we invite you to join in on the equity pie and take your piece in employee stock option plan. We're offering 0.1-1.25% in equity stock options (4 year vesting, one year cliff).


We want you to do just one thing - the thing you're best at. We'll clear out obstacles from your way and give you the tools to stay as focused as possible. We hate spending time on things that don't make us grow.

General admission 😉

If you don't see any position for you, but feel a burning desire to join us and work with us, drop us a line at